'My Lovely Girl' reveals script reading photos of Rain, Krystal, L, Hoya, Dani, and more

'My Lovely Girl' released pictures from their script reading!

The drama features Rain and Krystal as the leads, as well as LHoya, and Dani along actors such as Park Young KyuKim Hye Eun, and more. It's a comical romantic love fantasy where young men and women heal each other's pain and learn to love one another.

The director said, "I'm happy to meet all the actors that I wanted to work on a drama with. From the start in the hot summer to the end when cold wind starts to blow, let's work hard." The writer said, "Please work on this project with a kind heart. I will work hard to make sure this does not become an embarrassment on the actors' filmography."

SBS said, "'My Lovely Girl' is based on the music industry, and even from the script practice, everyone boasted a special harmony in such a good aura that the time just passed by. When the broadcast starts, viewers will be healed and get good feelings from it, so you can look forward to it."

The drama will first broadcast on September 17th.

Source & Credit: allkpop.com