[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Danisource exclusive interview with Dani

First and foremost we would like to thank Dani for giving us the opportunity and time for this interview!

How does it feel to finally perform on stage for music shows?
I get scared because I might mess up. But it’s fun!

Did you ever dreaming of becoming a kpop idol before you were approached by CCM?
After I came into CCM I'm starting to like the job. I got more into it.

Since you already both singing/dancing and acting, what’s the difference between singing and acting experience?
What’s the difference? (laughs and shows it to Shannon and quickly introduces her). Well acting is so hard but I like acting more, and I also like dancing. Singing is like… I’m not that good at singing. Shannon is really good at singing, dancing and acting. I'm working on singing dancing and acting but acting is more fun and I get more enthusiastic.

Now that you are already casted in new drama (My Lovely Girl - click to see her cut with sub) with big names how does it feel and what is your role in the drama?
It feels Great!

Fans are talking about your similarity between you and F(x) Krystal and how much you resemble her.  How do you feel to work alongside Krystal?
I’m happy to work with her. She’s really pretty so I don’t really know if I look like her. I don’t look like her at all. People are saying I look like her which is kinda weird for me. If people say I look like her it’s kinda awkward for me because she’s really pretty but I’m..just me.

What is your unforgettable memories working as an idol?
Being with Shannon!

Do you have your own favourite male and female artist?
I like Barbara Palvin.

How is your life before and after becoming an idol? Do you have your own diet?
No.. I don’t care about my diet. I eat a lot . Some people say I'm skinny, some say I'm fat. The company has a rule you have to be on diet like Shannon, but she’s skinny and has to be skinnier. I didn’t care about my diet at all but now I'm cast in drama so I have to.
I have to take care of my health and myself!

Which idols would you like to collaborate with inside and outside of CCM ent.?
I would like to collaborate with Shannon!

That concludes our interview! 
Dani is pretty well aware of the internet culture. Throughout the interview she was very humble and down to earth girl. We wish her for a successful career and health!

She left a "love note" to her supportive fans out there: 

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